Domain Names and Hosting as told by John

Here is the first of many patronising and slightly annoying videos that I will be posting on my Purple Social Blog. Be warned, the American voice-over and the dumbed-downess (yes it is a word!) of these videos turns my stomach slightly, but THEY ARE AMAZING!

I love them and I am not afraid to admit it! I could do the voice-overs myself but my girly whine might be just as annoying to some people, so I am sticking with this American guy because he sounds friendly and I know you will grow to love him like I do. Let’s call him John.

So go ahead John – tell us all about;

  • How to research and reserve a domain name
  • The role of web designers and developers
  • How servers make websites available
  • Why a website needs a “home” in the form of a host
  • How the domain name registrar and host work together
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What’s in a name?

A lot of people have asked me “Why ‘Purple Social’”? If you have started your own business or you are just in the process of starting, you will probably find that choosing a name is really tricky. So let me explain how Purple Social got it’s name. I wanted the brand to relate to both […]

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Welcome to Purple Social!

This is the start of We support local businesses to get to grips with internet marketing. This is the very start of our journey, and instead of getting everything ready and fully polished, we thought it might be a worthwhile exercise to invite you to go through the process with us. This is for […]

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