Welcome to Purple Social!

Purple Social LogoThis is the start of PurpleSocial.co.uk. We support local businesses to get to grips with internet marketing. This is the very start of our journey, and instead of getting everything ready and fully polished, we thought it might be a worthwhile exercise to invite you to go through the process with us. This is for the following two reasons;

1. We hope to help new businesses and what better way than to prove our worth than to open ourselves up to our experience as ‘newbies’. We have of course got a lot of experience of marketing (otherwise this wouldn’t be a very good business idea for us!) but Purple Social is the start of a brand new venture bringing together lots of very skilled people in lots of different areas.

2. We want you to know that it takes time to establish a new business and get everything working exactly as you want it. We will make changes and tweaks, come up with new ideas and scrap some of the bad ideas as we go along. We will be transparent so that you know it’s ok not to get it exactly right the first time!

So welcome to our very first blog post and thanks for popping by.



*You will see the hashtag (don’t panic – we will come onto what hashtags are and why people use them) #MakeYourMark and #PurpleSocial a lot! And if you already know all about them, please feel free to use them to talk about us on social media and spread the word about Purple Social.

*We have a Facebook Page that you can visit here and our Website is currently under development. In the meantime our main site will be this WordPress Blog – which, by the way, is a great place for any new business to start.

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