Domain Names and Hosting as told by John

Here is the first of many patronising and slightly annoying videos that I will be posting on my Purple Social Blog. Be warned, the American voice-over and the dumbed-downess (yes it is a word!) of these videos turns my stomach slightly, but THEY ARE AMAZING!

I love them and I am not afraid to admit it! I could do the voice-overs myself but my girly whine might be just as annoying to some people, so I am sticking with this American guy because he sounds friendly and I know you will grow to love him like I do. Let’s call him John.

So go ahead John – tell us all about;

  • How to research and reserve a domain name
  • The role of web designers and developers
  • How servers make websites available
  • Why a website needs a “home” in the form of a host
  • How the domain name registrar and host work together

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