Purple Social is the result of many things, all a bit weird and wonderful but all beautifully interconnected and relevant-ish…

  1. Cowboy Digital Marketing Agencies – Obviously I am not going to name names, but I have definitely worked with a few of these and this is probably my biggest reason for starting purple social.co.uk. Don’t get me wrong – they ain’t all bad, but a lot of them are. Here are some ways in which I have seen first-hand how they take your money and you get pretty much nothing back;
    1. They buy a domain name on your behalf and then if you want to leave for any reason they can make it extremely difficult, expensive and sometimes impossible. Basically the lesson here is to buy your own domain!!
    2. They happily build your website then leave you to it. In my opinion digital marketers are there to educate and support as well as build websites. It is as much in their interest as yours that your business succeeds, so why don’t they all help you to make sure that it does by making sensible recommendations, steering you in the right direction, and NOT taking your money for something they don’t think is necessary! In the same way that a Doctor is there to make sure you get the correct treatment for your illness, a responsible doctor would give you advice about how to stay healthy.
    3. They use technical babble that most people don’t understand to make themselves sound knowledgeable and important! Urggghhh this annoys the hell out of me in any profession – not just digital marketing. FYI, IMO, LMAO………..
  2. Brain Tumours – Ok a bit random perhaps but I re-evaluated my life in 2014 after having brain surgery and decided that life is too flipping short to spend most of your time doing something you don’t fully believe in and working with people who don’t share the same business values and ethos.
  3. Children – A lot of the people I am hoping to work with will relate to this one. My life now has to fit around my family. Fact! Work no longer comes first – my family does, and I don’t need to hide this or make any excuses for it. If this does;t fit with your idea of who you want helping you with your digital marketing, that’s fine. But please do read my advice about choosing the correct Marketing Agency before you go ahead and sign up with one.
  4. Passion for my work – I want to turn my vision of a digital marketing community that isn’t driven by money into a reality. I truly believe that is the only way of providing an honest service that will be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to other peoples business.

Oh and a small warning for those of you with a bit of a sensitive ear. I don’t mince my words. I do sometimes use strong language – but only where necessary. It is a big part of our modern language and does help us to express ourselves more accurately without having to swallow a dictionary. This relates back to my hate of bloody Acronyms! (those stupid letters that some people use to sound intelligent and to confuse the heck out of other people).

NB: (FAO = For Your Information, IMO = In My Opinion, LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off….)

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